I made a playlist of most gmod tower music feat. gilvasunner

Could have done better at completion, but at least it has all the lobby ambients, probably THE most memorable songs from GMT.

Here’s some explanations as to what the songs are:

First songs are lobby ambients. The sims music piece is the suite check-in music.
P.SUS - Planetarium | Gamemode Ports ambient (only played in the center)
Animal Crossing - Christmas Eve (Extended) | Christmas Lobby ambient
Breezewax - A Warm Heart | Entertainment Plaza ambient (Christmas Lobby)
Futurecop! - Till Eternity (I Miss You) | Lobby Roof ambient (Christmas Lobby)
Animal Crossing New Leaf Music: New Years - My Rendition | Christmas Shop Music
Animal Crossing New Leaf Music: Halloween - My Rendition | Halloween Lobby Ambient
Sim Theme Park - Halloween World | Halloween Shop Music
Distant Lights - From Cedros Bay to Mayaro Beach | Used at the pool
Ochre - 111 | Ball Race - Memories
Hint - Quite Spectacular | Ball Race - Paradise
Minikon - Cocoa-pal (Extended) | Ball Race - Khromidro
World’s End Girlfriend - I’m Flying | Ball Race - Grass World
Waterflame - Surface | Ball Race - Ice World
Minikon - Hapiiendo | Ball Race - Sky World
Air Ride - Sky Sands - Kirby Air Ride Music | Ball Race - Sand World
Super Monkey Ball OST - Bonus Stage | Ball Race - Bonus Round
Timesplitters 2 Music: Return To Planet X | Virus Waiting Music
Timesplitters 2 Music: Scrapyard | Virus Round Music
Timesplitters: Future Perfect- Spaceport | Virus Waiting Music
Timesplitters: Future Perfect- What Lies Below- Attack | Virus Round Music
Timesplitters: Future Perfect- Breaking and Entering | Virus Last Survivor Music
And the rest is various UCH material which I am not going to cover individually.


For those who have Spotify and want a legal way to listen and repay the original artists, here is a playlist:

Not every song is available on Spotify, though.


It was the gamemodes music, but you had to stand in the centre of the gamemodes floor for it to play (not the east or west wing)

Close! Was actually the suite check in music, wasn’t removed til Lobby 1 shut it’s doors.

Christmas roof music, Baths - Departure was the normal Lobby Roof theme.

Was used at the pool

Christmas Entertainment Plaza music.

There’s a few other songs you’re missing that I’m sure are in the Lobby Spotify Playlist by Mac


I did not include some songs from the OST download which I guess are in the spotify playlist because I had zero memories or ideas how they could be related.
I certainly did not include any songs in the Bonus folder for that exact reason. I should do that I guess

Timesplitters 2: Scrapyard. The best music from virus :ok_hand:

A lot of the songs in the bonus folders are just odds and ends from trailers.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-RnBjZztE0 - 09 Promo vid
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzG3xQ4akHg - 2012 relaunch
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vKYAbhIEZug - 2014 Promo

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What about this:

PVP Oneslip.

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Cool, but I don’t think anyone who doesn’t remember that map would understand.

Call me lazy all you want, but can someone tell what’s the name of the music that was playing in Gmod Tower’s train station?

If I remember correctly, The Gmod Tower Website has music names on some of the game modes…