I made a lounge and a parkour in my condo

Im gonna add a big screen tv to the lounge once i have enough money


i crashed before this :sunglasses:

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How do you even get the money to do this?

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Awesome course, too bad its short for now
But really nice idea :octopus:

“Welcome to Minecraft Parkour: Tower Unite edition”

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I just realised, how much money did you spend to build that? :sweat:

Idk exactly but i think somewhere around 30,000

Added a video of the parkour to the tread

Did you get that money from the Ball Race speed-runs?


I was thinking of switching to crates, but I was wondering, are they easy to stack (like is it an exact square shape), or are the middles all actually lower than the edges, making it somewhat tricky to stack properly?

Only the borders are raised, you can just place them in the middle

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Amazing job. This made my day.

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