I made a flag for TU

So I was pretty bored so I made this flag.

You see those rune thingys? yeah I made those from scratch just for this flag and they actually mean something instead of being random gibberish, if you want to try to translate them then have fun!


Seems similar to the Estonian flag, which I appreciate.

1.It was based on the flag of Iran, the Kuffic scripts in the flag of Iran was a big inspiration for me.
2.Originally it was supposed to be Light Blue, White and Pink but due to the fact that the colors of the flag caused it to look more like the Transgender flag (which I was okay with but I don’t want to be accused of stealing the Transgender flag’s colors) I had to switch it to another color, I chose black which coincidentally now makes the flag resemble the flag of Estonia.


looks good, do you mind if I use this in future builds? I’ll give credit.

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Sure thing, I don’t mind at all.


So if that’s our flag, is this the TU anthem? salutes