I made a 3D printer with canvas cubes

Exactly what the title says.

I love 3D printing, so I decided to create an Ultimaker 2+ for my condo.

Complete with filament boxes underneath!


So… if we were to kidnap Mac and get him to, say, hand over the catsack model, would you be able to print it out? I mean, any of the GMT items would be way cooler, but you know… catsacks.


Absolutely! I’ve held off printing anything Tower Unite-related though. I’d love to make real versions of the trophies. :heart_eyes:


please 3-d print a catsack and the trophies.
i would buy them all if i had money.

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Sorry my dude, pretty sure catsacks are under copyright. :disappointed:

I will go onto the deep web and buy them from you there.
I have Tor. Don’t underestimate me.
I just need a mini catsack on my desk in my room.
That’s all I want. That’s all I need.


Where did you find those images to make that cube? Did you get lucky enough with product shots or do you own one?

It’s all just product shots. Lots of google searching. :stuck_out_tongue: