I made 3 new neon signs!



You can find them here:



How to make them look more illuminated:

  1. Position the neon sign against a wall
  2. Add a placeable spot light over the neon sign (adjust position of the light if you wish)
  3. Adjust brightness and color of the spot light to your liking! (Some neon signs may require multiple colors to look good)

Colors of spot lights I recommend:

  1. Cocktails & Dreams: Purple / Pink hue
  2. Girls Girls Girls: Purple / Blue hue
  3. California: Red / orange on the top half + Blue on the bottom half

I plan on making a huge neon sign collection! Feel free to follow me for more!


these are incredible! i was a bit sad just using transparent canvases, so these are awesome!


Do you take requests for neon signs?


Sure I can take a few! You can DM me.