I love discord sometimes





extremely immature jokes


that’s bloody disgusting


i love it






the answer to all of them is ALT + F4



This was regarding this image in the dev log:




I can’t really judge, I was a super admin on a fairly successful DarkRP server myself.


There was an absolute metric ton of conversation going on last night and I spent 20 minutes reading through it all this morning and about another hour cropping and organizing a list of cool stuff I saw. I hope you enjoy it.

There’s some Q&A on the dev process, plans on future updates like workshop accessories, a quick look at Mac’s healthy(?) sleeping habits, a spooky haunted casino, and some more stuff.

the uneven image sizing kills me internally

What does the code look like?

What 3D modeling software is used?

Workshop wearables

Milestone upgrades

Zombie massacre helicopter milestone

Cooking update

Wheel of money machine broke


those haunted casino ideas are amazing lol.


spooky casino confirmed /s




wowzers I can’t believe the soundtrack’s held the secrets of Ball Race’s lore this entire time


Official blorp lore.