I love discord sometimes


Post your favorite moments!

The question was: "who would be the worst to get a sponge bath from?

Everyone Loves Discord Sometimes (The Sequel!) (Cancelled)
Wonders of Global Chat
Weird things can happen in the Pixeltail Games Discord

I’m surprised no one actually put my name considering it’s spongey. xD


More Jackbox stuff

And this inspirational quote from a great leader


The astute will notice that my answer was more correct.


I hate you all


Let’s not forget our pro sound technician @Caboose700


Story about this, I dropped a blanket on my chair next to my microphone while I was in the middle of saying “Absolutely Nothing”, the blanket “I guess” shorted my Microphone and I had to restart the computer to fix it.


Maybe he really likes the Pokemon Absol?


Dammit all my screen shots are on my Home PC


Also, don’t forget to credits the drawer aka me :smile: :joy:




Thoses Emotes are so f’in creepy






Another? Okay!


Found it






I don’t know what’s more entertaining here, sunny or caboose rubbing pizza on his insides