I love discord sometimes




This is why I hate gamejolt, is because I hate FNaF (I still play it, though) but when I go on gamejolt that’s on the front. I still like the people like @PatrykPL24 (Who likes FNaF) and I think patryk does good work on stuff but it’s just we all have opinions.


I actually don’t like fnaf that much, but in comunnity there are also modelers and animators (i’m in animators group :stuck_out_tongue: ), and i’m animating FNaF because it’s very simple models to animate and [SFM FNaF] is currntly very popular.
I’m also a bit interested in story.
I mean i don’t really like fnaf games itself.
But characters are nice looking.






Scary markiplier video above

we were talking about sonic

heres another random moment


haha you guys are silly uwu



Mac correcting someone on something foohy did not him by @'ing Foohy


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(It’s still happening but I had to stop posting these images)






I would be completely fine if this was actual footage. :T