I love discord sometimes


Noodleneck is always so productive.


0/10 not enough Minions.


White Themes Matter
New 2016 Updated Edition
Coming out soon at Starbucks


Yeah sorry I had to leave those out of frame to focus on the worst part


0/10 bird


In case anyone wants it:

-The “I want an EvKem body pillow” thing is a joke, i was having a mental breakdown at that time.


So are we just not gonna post anything from the actual tower discord anymore?


I thought we were already doing that


The title says “I love discord sometimes” so we can post it from any discord.


It’s not like anything happens there
besides all the sneak peek stuff, but that goes to Caboose’s thread.



Lots of dug-up screenshots here:

MacDGuy the Punmaster:




Sage life advice:



MacDGuy defends his title:



MacDGuy the Punmaster Part 2: Electric Boogaloo:

rip the rest of my Discord screenshot folder



Some context got removed at the beginning where Foohy was talking about how he doesn’t want to spill water over his desk, and thus his keyboard and computer.


Bikonito pressured people in Discord to bump this thread, sorry if this isn’t funny :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:


Hi discord!


Hi Link!


I don’t know why i’m replying to “Hi Discord” considering i don’t join the Discord anymore because people hate me / no one joins when i join, and because i can’t play games with you guys because of my lack of a GPU, but i guess i felt like it was a good idea to post, so i did, deal with it.


I feel you, spongey.




@Krionikal is a turbo furry babe who’d of guessed


Somebody needs to post that guy who @ mentioned all the devs and the chaos it caused. That was hilarious.