I lost Regular?


This happened about a year ago. This was when I was a Regular. I decided to take a little vacation off of the site for a couple of months. Then when I came back I lost my Regular status. Was there any reason for this?


I think you have to be active in the forums to stay regular. You probably got it removed because you spent too long away from the forums.


… god damnit


What rrmm said. You gotta stay active to be a Regular.




Fortunately, you can always earn it back! A good way to stay active is to submit any crash reports and bug reports when you can. That, and voting on topics in the suggestions category. You don’t have to be active every single day, but at least a couple times a week should be enough. Reading new topics is also important to being a regular.


Unless you wanna be that guy who wants to move other people’s threads around or rename their thread title, it’s just a status. I barely made use of it and don’t really care getting it back.
It’s honestly quite generous for a role like that to give you some power though.


A little while back, I also lost regular, it doesn’t take too long to get it back though, I try to read every new post every day, I don’t even post very often at all, and it’s been quite awhile since I made a thread, but I still got it back.


i read the forums daily but don’t have the title anymore because i don’t bother doing all the things necessary to be a regular


i am always here and post fairly actively
but because im a silly willy i said some stuff that got flagged and now i cant have regular ever again


you can’t get regular when you’re flagged?? is this true?
“Must not have received more than 5 spam or offensive flags” oh my


if i am correct if your flagged around 5 - 10 times then you loose it


too bad people have easy triggerfingers (around these parts)


Same with me, i come here every single day, and spent alot of time in the community, yet i have visited a year and still got no regular badge,

when i first came to the community, i was kinda bad to the forums, i didn’t even know that necroing was a bad thing, but now i basically know what is right and wrong, i hope i didn’t get 10 flags back then, also i was really cringy the time i joined lol.


I like how this has gone into a conversation about Regular lol.


yeah i also didn’t know what necro’ing meant at first


neither did i


glad im not the only one :smile:


You can’t have recieved 5 flags (has to be 5 different posts reported by 5 different users) within the last 100 days.


You can also lose it (or lose the ability to attain it) if you have been suspended before, if you have been suspended then its goodbye Regular status.