I keep crashing

So I re-installed Windows 10. For some reason, it downloads a sprite sheet and fonts. Then it crashes. I tried to disable downloads, but it makes the fonts UNBEARABLE to look at. Does anyone have a list of fonts used in GMT?

Tower Unite or GMT?

Fixed the Report Section for you.

Perhaps this might help you.


Edit: The problem seems to stem from the fact that Mac had to disable the fonts in the Workshop Addons, and so GMT will attempt to download them on first join. But if you have your downloads disabled, it won’t download the fonts.

This can be fixed by typing into the GMod Console:

cl_downloadfilter mapsonly

Once you have typed the command into the console, you won’t have to type it again and it should be fixed.

Hope this helps you. :smile:

Does this command work for all servers? EDIT: And gamemodes?

Yes, it should do. You don’t need to type if in for every server you play on as its a global Gmod console command.