I Havnt got the Halloween Texture?

i downloaded the Hallowen Content Update bt havnt got the Texture e.g No Pumkins around. No Spider webs? Can anywone help.

Re-categorized this to GMod Tower Questions as it does not pertain to TU. As for your question, there isn’t much different aesthetically within the Lobby itself. Most of the Halloween stuff is in its own, separate area accessible from the Condo lobby.

Did you make sure the game “installed” the add-on after the Steam client downloaded it?

Yea its on my desktop

can yo reply instructions on how i do thst. all i did is subscribed to it

Before getting into that, have you considered what @Arkive86 said?
The H’ween content isn’t something plastered all over the lobby, you need to buy the Paranormal Detector from the skeleton shopkeeper to see things like the candy around the lobby, you’ll see him as you go upstairs from the train station, you can’t miss it.

Entering the condo area makes the screen darken with a ‘camera’ effect overlaying the screen, from there you can access the H’ween map ‘Madness’ from upstairs.

Nothing much to say. Every time you subscribe to something, next time you boot GMod, it takes some time for it to “install” the add-on. It appears in a little pop-up at the bottom of your screen

how do you use the paranormal detecter

Equip it in one of your slots at the top of the inventory, then press the corresponding number to equip it.