I haven't linked my steam account for the backer reward

Hello there,
i totally missed the time to link my account as i was using an alt email account , and i haven’t played tower unite till yesterday ,i would like to know if there is still a chance to link it .

The deadline to link backer rewards to your Steam account was December 2015.

It sucks, I asked a few days ago and he said the exact same thing. Tho I just think that for paying to help the development of a game, helping us who missed the backer reward deadline can be the least they can do. Plus I paid an extra $10 for the Enthusiast perk instead of just getting the Early Bird Gamer perk for Early Access.

I am quoting Zak on this (that he sent to another backer), but the following explains why we had a deadline.

Unfortunately, we can not give out any more rewards.
We set a time window for people to submit their details for backer rewards and you missed it.
This time window was allocated development time, we were working solely on rewards for that time period.

In order to continue fulfilling rewards, we’d need to stop working on the game and open everything back up, and we just can’t do that. We cannot continue to fulfill rewards, we’ve locked everything in.

Please understand that this isn’t a position we necessarily want to be in. We just don’t have a dedicated “rewards guy” who enters rewards into the system.

I apologize for any confusion or inconvenience caused by us not being clear about this. Entering new rewards is more complicated than we initially expressed, and we don’t have time to do it.

Understand that having a limited window for rewards is well within normal crowd-funding practices. At some point during a project the proprietors of said project need to be able to focus fully on their work without having to worry about backer fulfillment.

Working on Tower Unite is our full-time priority and we cannot devote any time to backer fulfillment.
We thank you very much for your pledge and hope you enjoy Tower Unite.

It has been over a year and half since the deadline. I have told other backers who missed the deadline that we have some plans to implement some sort of backer reward retrieval webapp for our new website. Given that I often get backers (and it’s pretty random when it happens, like months apart) wanting to link their account for rewards they missed out on, there is a chance we will have some sort of system in the future. However, I cannot guarantee that it’ll happen and I don’t know when the new website will be rolled out as we’re still in pre-production with it.