I have thought of something so big

Let’s skip right to the point.
So I was reading the Trello and saw Game Types & Mutators, read on it for a bit and was like there should
be a Game World called “Mutations”
Now for juices of all of this, the mustard of it all.
This Game World is designed to be a mixture of other Game Worlds in one.

Wanna Mix Mini-Golf with Virus? All players are Golf Balls now, and one becomes an Infected Golf Ball,
Weapons could be found across the map to fend from the infected.

Now I love Accelerate mixed in with anything as I see power ups, vehicles, or even both!

Zombie Massacre would also be an interesting case, as you’d end up with a few scenarios which involve
hoards of zombies, weapons, or both.
And so on.

And if you mention that I didn’t say anything about, Little Crusaders, and Ball Race.
It is mainly because those add little but can change it up by quite a lot if chosen. “Also I don’t want to be
too repetitive with this topic.”

So we will be moving this on into two sections that can be available to the player for customization.

  1. The Base Game
  2. The Mutations

(The Base Games)
The idea of this is to basically have the player select the Game World of choice, this can be any of the
(This is, and not limited to)
Ball Race
Mini Golf
Slaughter Day Night Live
Little Crusaders
Horror Hill
Zombie Massacre

(The Mutations)
This is out next menu prompt here. Which is the Mutations Menu.
From here we will be able to mix up Game Worlds, Some may allow for more mutation than just one.
(Mutation Effects)
(Warning Some Game Worlds are still incomplete when this thread was made, which is why they will have “???” beside them.)

(Ball Race)
Would Have the effects of one, or two things being…
Players being put into their ball, or maps having Ball Race related things such as speed panels,
bumpers, or other obstacle course traps

(Mini Golf)
It’s effects are…
Players turning into golf balls, players being given Mini Golf related equipment instead, or even map changes for some.

This would add…
Infected to Game Worlds, or would provide players Virus related Equipment.

(Slaughter Day Night Live)

(Little Crusaders)
This will make it so…
One player will change into the Dragon, and the rest into Knights.

(Horror Hill)

This seems to add…
Items relating to Accelerate, and or making players be in, or on vehicles of choice.

(Zombie Massacre)
This will change…
Some Game Worlds by introducing hoards, or weapons that can be found in Game Worlds.

It seems I have described as much as I could, and as much as I can think of right now.
Though from what I can tell, this would be Nightmarish to code, and would not want to put this pressure on the developers of a really good game. 'v ’

(Final thoughts)
The idea of a Dragon being infected, and causing more players to become Dragons as they go, sounds so bizarre, and amazing.

And for you my dedicated reader, and or person who decided to check the bottom first for some reason.
If you have any ideas, or if you’d potentially like to see developers see this, either comment, or vote this up.

And again thank you for hearing me out.
Also apologies if I have bad sentence structure, I am no English Professional.