I have an idea on how to stop some theater abuse

I’m pretty sure someone has mentioned this at some point, but one way to stop people from spamming 10 trashy videos in the theater at once would be to make it so a person can only suggest 1 or 2 videos at a time. I want this mostly because whenever I walk into the theater, there are at least 10 videos that are an hour long each that are either boring, cringe inducing, or just straight up against the rules.


It’s kinda sad that people would go to the trouble of adding all those videos when all they’re trying to do is to impress their ‘friends’ with their ‘great’ taste in content.

I’d say once the Skip Button has made it in, we won’t have to worry about those kind of incidents anymore.


This is already in the game… Ish. There can only be one of a video in the queue. But if someone is spamming loads of different random shit then yeah… I would like to see Op’s suggestion