I have a friend of mine who forgot to link thier id from alpha

He has both emails, but no linked account to his indiegogo. my guess is that he forgot or misread it. however is it possible for him to get his tag this late on?

Edit: The emails regarding alpha code and the thanks for donating from indiegogo

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to link and setup the backer rewards again. It’s been over 3 years since the backer reward deadline now and we don’t offer a service for it.

This is because we allocated a specific amount of time to setup all the backers and if they didn’t link it in time, they wouldn’t be included as it was a manual process.

We do plan on making a way to link up backers once again sometime in the future, but we need to develop the software and automate it (while also adding in checks so accounts can’t be duplicated).

Oh alright, I thought all we had to do was link our Gmod tower and download the alpha and it would be automatically given. I hope something can be added because i’ve been stuck without it for so long

alrighty! thanks mac <3