I had a really weird experience and i wanna post it here to know if i was getting trolled by an admin or something

Ok so, i was browsing the condo’s, and saw a “official tower unite server” i joined and ended up falling in a void for a little, and then got teleported into a condo from resort, with someone named MightyG3 with me, they told me if i wanted it, and i said sure, they sorta said i owned it now, and i realised we had all become admin, the other few people in the server, and me, i even gained access to an admin panel, even though there wasn’t much. soon after that the server shut down, another opened, this time looking like the theater condo lobby, and they (MightyG3) talked about how they were “weak” and “needed souls”

proof 1: https://youtu.be/3pY6HifaQHg

proof 2: image

Despite the name, that is a condo. Condo owners can make other players admins in their condo.


yeah thanks, i figured it out before, i felt kinda dumb, but the 2nd part was still a lil odd, but maybe there were in a mood xd