I got the Username Luna, I'm Delightfully Surprised

Oh hai, I am not entirely new to gmtower or this community, but this is my first time making interaction beyond the server. I am a staff member from the semi popular trade/raffle site scrap.tf. I just decided to drop $30 on the kickstarter and pop in over here because of how intriguing this whole concept was to me. I love the way the games operate and found them as quite unique uses of the source engine. Very hyped about the inclusion of Unreal Engine in Towers Unite, moving away from gmod is beautiful.

I guess some other details of me, I’m a really kind, cuddly person, but a bit shy. I pride myself a bit in knowing a thing or two about computer science and love messing around with android roms, router kernels, Linux distributions, and other geeky stuffs. I hope to eventually find some time to study some programming languages, but I’m a tad lazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope to see you all around sometime~

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Learning a programming language is very beneficial, and I would certain recommend it.
Anyway, welcome to the forums, Luna! :smiley:


that makes three people on the forum with luna avatars.

…tempted to change mine, as well… :sweat:

I knew it! I saw you in Zombie Massacre yesterday and I wanted to say something but I wasn’t sure if you were real! Once I was having troubles with scrap.tf, and you were the only mod who actually added and helped me. It’s great to see you here.

Oh wow, I remember you from yesterday! Wow, its just crazy to me to see how small the world is sometimes. Never expected to run into someone I have talked to, especially not someone that I have talked/run into twice.

And we always need more Luna avatars, because Luna is best pone.


quick question
are you a guy or girl? because if your a guy im gonna laugh at the profile pic XD
if your a girl im gonna laugh at the profile pic XD

A luna whispers to you: join us… join us… join us…

Sorry to be a bit misleading with myself, but no I’m not a girl :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Nice to have you here in the community, Luna!

Hello, i’ve seen you in tower like 5 min ago welcome the the forums.

Oh hey x3 Its amazing how many people I keep running into :stuck_out_tongue: