I Got My First Cosmic Catsack!

So me and one of my real life friends were playing and I have been saving up gold catsacks, he decided to open his cats and got two gold bars, so we decided to open mine cause why not. So I had four golds that I collected throughout today and we have been experimenting with random rituals before opening golds, well I guess the bongo ritual worked for me, cause the first out of four golds I opened was a cosmic.

Also if you were wondering, the other three catsacks were two gold bars and a flying turtle.


Nice job! I remember the the time i first got it, it only took about 7 million units but it was worth it


Iā€™m at 40 Goldens and 120 Silvers right now, waiting to open them a sometime

Nice! Can I have it?

Totally worth it!!!