I Found a Secret! (Not In-Game)

You can view an item list for Tower Unite here. And, if you scroll all the way down, you will see a few of the condo items teased in the weekly dev logs, but you also see ‘???’. It’s supposed to arrive with the release of and costs 40,000 units, so is this ‘???’, or is it something else?

Does it not look like anything to you? What are your thoughts? Or do you not care at all?


I think it’s probably the same thing.

Whatever it is, it’s gotta be really good to have the devs shroud it in mystery.

classic gmt desk :heart_eyes:


What could it be?

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new condo furniture: question mark seat

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Doesn’t look like anything to me.

Memes are strong…
P.S: 40.000 units?!?!?!

that must big something BIG

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Im gonna wager that it’s something along the lines of a new condo.

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I don’t think so, it looks like furniture (the color of the item).

it’s an item, since it’s ‘in store’ so i think it’s either a new condo, or a cool item.

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Well, if it’s a simple ph or a bunker condo I will be really happy.

Im pretty sure the entry with the question marks is a different color from the gamer chair entry.

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For that cheap? I doubt it’s a condo.

Doesn’t need to be a super huge condo, could easily be some small farm house, i mean the suite condo is only 30k

still im only guessing.


I really want a new condo. Even though if it’s flatgrass but underground.