I dont understand some people

I noticed that on the Gmod Tower Servers there are some guys even VIPs telling that Tower Unite failed and was canceled. I don’t think that this is good for players who just heared about Tower Unite. Why is someone even doing this?

They are probably uninformed. Inform them next time you see someone that thinks this.

Either that or they are being dicks and tell false information to put people off Tower Unite as revenge to the devs that they are shutting GMTower down.
Yeah, people are this upset about that.

I more think that there are some who just trolling the people. That is just stupid.

I heard that this afternoon as well. I tried to explain how the indiegogo was out and I even gave them the link to it. That seemed to calm them down a bit

A big “thank you” everyone who is helping to address these issues.
We can’t be everywhere at once, and when you guys spread the word, it helps a LOT.

Keep up the great work!

When talking to these sorts of people, be kind and courteous.
We don’t want flame-wars, thanks :smile:

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Don’t worry about that. I’ve always liked to be kind to everybody and I leave them alone if they don’t listen to reason :smiley:

(related to this) For anyone that is interested, informing someone usually goes best when you remain calm and friendly no matter what the situation is.

i wish i could help spread the word abit more then i could :confused: i havent been able to play gmod tower for a long time and i really want to
im gonna try to spread the word as much as i can : D

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