I didn't got my indieGogo perk

I’ve bought the game on idiegogo, but I’ve never got my backer rewards.

did fill out your information on the backer page, as instructed?

Yes, but I didn’t link my account on steam the december 2015. I didn’t know and I’ve lost 5$

We sent out two emails reminding about the deadline, sorry that you missed them.

At the moment, you cannot link your backer account to the game anymore. The process is manually done. We might do another period before leaving early access and we might add a feature to our new website.

Please do, I’m super delighted on the progress of the game so far, yall doing great! Just disappointed I don’t have my backer items (When i got around to checking my email it was too late, I was extremely busy at the time please understand.) Please don’t forget about us! Keep up the good work!