I did it

this took me like a week to do

i hope dave will be proud

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0/10 the scoreboard didn’t break like they did back in 2000

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it kinda did i think the scoreboard starts with single digits so it should’ve looked like

| | |1|

instead of the |0|0|1| we have here

But there’s no one in the second image…?

it’s |0|0|0|

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i’m a dum dum it might be | | |0|

or i could be wrong altogether

I think you might need to get your eyes checked buddy, staring at dave all day can’t be that healthy.

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i don’t have the glow turned on on my canvases of him so maybe the dark is hurting my eyes

or i don’t have enough dave in my condo

that has to be it

mix of both, probably

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It’s |1|0|0|0| but the last 3 digits are the only ones being shown.


It took you a week to do this? Bruh, shoulda setup two opposing trampolines and it’d be done in like 2 minutes haha