I caught 100 Wireframe/Rare Item Fish - Here's the results!

I got so bored during quarantine that I decided to log the next 100 rare item fish I caught. I threw the results into a few pie charts. Here’s what it looks like.

Should I do one of these for normal, non-item fish as well?

Note: These statistics do not reflect Tower’s actual in-game probability. This is a ballpark estimate at best.

(Fixed typo in final image)


Fantastic work, Gryphon! Visuals and all!

Shortly after fishing came out I became fixated on catching the embodiment of perfection that is Screamy Boy. After a solid 30 hours of fishing 2,000 fish I finally caught him, catching 95%-99% rare wireframe item fish.

I can’t speak for the other shadow types, but I do feel like the chance of trash is too high for the rare item fish shadow.
When a wireframe fish popped up I’d think: “Ok, that one has a 50% chance of not being literal garbage.”

I feel like if the chance of getting rare items was increased for wire frame fish, and the spawn rate for wire fish was dropped to counteract it, then it would maintain the rarity of fishing items while making wireframe fish more exciting.

I get that you’re catching items, so you’re not going to get a good variety of living creatures, but rare fish spawns should feel more special. I burnt myself out hard on fishing getting screamy boy, but lately I’ve been liking the idea of going back and trying to complete the encyclopedia!

Now I miss fishing while watching youtube. Again, awesome stuff Gryphon!

edit: Thinking on it more, modifying the spawn rates of the wireframe fish lower would make the standard spawn more repetitive, and result in less variety in fish shadows over time. So I’m not sure if this change would be for the better.Overall I did enjoy my time fishing for Screamy Boy.


Yeah, for sure. Sometimes I see as many as 3 wireframe fish at a time.

I go for them, of course, but it makes the regular “?” fish completely obsolete if their drop table is almost identical despite the increased rarity of wireframe fish.


Now I know why I keep getting a lot of trash from wireframe fish it’s because the percent of trash items is pretty high (not judgeing)

Hello! A little new to the forums, so I’m a bit late to the party of this thread.

Anywho, I’ve been looking around to see if there’s any topics on the Screamy Boy (one of the very few items I’ve been striving very hard to catch) and saw this post. This is a phenomenal graph! It’s pretty bizarre seeing the differences of Trash and Non-Trash in such imagery.