I can't see the server's name in the list though it being online

I can’t see GMod Tower’s server in the list since the last two days… is it down, or Ddos attacked?

Edit: No it’s not being attacked… I was able to log on the server, but for some reason, the server still does not shows up in the list… (I now have it in the history list…) Sooooooooo… ahem… … fixed?? (still bother me though…)

I just would like to know if that happened to anyone else than me. Did anyone has the server’s name not showing up in the list?

If GMTower doesn’t show up in the list, you can open console and type “connect join.gmtower.org” without quotes for Tower #1 server and “connect join2.gmtower.org” without quotes for the Tower #2 server.

Thanks :smile:
I don’t think join2.gmtower.org is going to be necessary since they only have one server now… or maybe it never showed up to me… :sweat_smile:

Join2.gmtower.org is still running.

You mean there’s two servers of Lobby 2 aswell? :open_mouth:
Damn… I’ve only seen one since… ever…
Well, thanks for the info! :relaxed: