I can't join games servers

Everytime i want to play a gameworld, i can’t go on. It’s stuck on “Connecting to server” then, after 30s of waiting, it shows: “Disconnect: You must join from the lobby servers, IP: join.gmtower.org.”

What the hell is happening? It happened since many days but i’ve never had this before!
Can you tell me how to fix it? Thanks.

I think users have recently had the same problem.

I don’t know if you did this, but I had the same problem. I disabled addon so I can play with my new friend. I forgot to turn it on again and I had the same problem.

I did yes but i turn them back on so i really don’t know why it happens!

I have the same issue, But it seems to be only for minigolf. I can join the other games modes. I have tried reinstalling the addons and still give me the same issue.

Sorry for the late response, but typing retry in the console after the game tells you the connection failed does the trick for me every time.

When I do that I get the same error or “This slot is reserved for admins”