I am skeptical

Don’t take me wrong, I love Tower and I want it to suceed, but…

a) Further development cost
Will 15 $ per copy be enough to sustain development/official server costs? What if not? Will microtransactions be introduced? Or something else?

b) Servers
I know there will be few official servers, but the rest is to be hosted by fans and players. What if no one hosts servers? Unranked servers could be modded with microtransactions to help the owner cover the costs, but ranked servers? Why would anyone host a ranked server?

Well, I’m not a dev or anything, but I can help with some of these.
It has been garunteed that no micro transactions will ever exist in Tower Unite.
Ranked servers may be hosted because people want to play with their buddies and still earn money.
Hope I could help.

Items and Units transfer over. In Unranked servers, your units and inventory are locked to that specific server, and you cannot access them on other servers.

They have pledged that they would not introduce micro transactions ever. How much you trust that is up to you to decide. I trust them to do the right thing regardless.

If it wasn’t, the game would probably be priced higher.


Unranked servers don’t have access to Steam Inventory.

Also, early access will probably only have ranked servers for a while.

That’s not what I meant.
Most privately-owned servers (be it in Garry’s mod, or any other game) have microtransactions to sustain their cost, and make the owner some money.
If not, they at least have a donation system.
These can’t be moded into Tower’s ranked servers, so why would anyone bother hosting one, given the price for server upkeep?

Also I still don’t believe 15$ per copy will sustain the development, but if you say so…

This is a very valid concern.

Okay so you want us to go back on our promises and add microtransactions because you think that $15 a copy won’t keep us alive?

We have other games we want to make and releasing additional games will sustain us.


I never said that…
Just being skeptical

u wot

I never said I want microtransactions
I said I don’t think the price of the game alone will be enough.

Well the developers do. And they are on the ones who set it. It’s entirely their decision. I personally believe Tower Unite is worth 29.99$, but they want it at 14.99$ so it’s 14.99$.

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The game was funded on Indiegogo with ~70k. The early access and finished product are going to be 14.99. The developers are confident in their existing fans and player base and their finished product to the point where they know that with this price they can complete their one year development plan. That’s just all there is to it.

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