Hunger Games


“Crawler Zombie runs away from the Cornocupia.”
That’ll take a while




Night 1

Day 2

The Fallen


Rip Funtime Foxy, one of the 2 characters that i liked there, to remember her, there will be infinitly repeating gif

Who cares about baby and freddy


Rip Red Yoshi ;(


Yes almost all of the fnaf cancer is dead


Burner Zombie recieves an explosive from an unknown sponsor.

:open_mouth:Poor thing he’ll blow himself up

Red Yoshi, Flanker Zombie and Circus get into a fight. Flaker Zombie triumphantly kills them both WELL DURRRR HE IS INVISIBLE


Blue birb convinces giganotosaurus to snuggle with him. Birb would be crushed


Night 2

Day 3

The Fallen

It would appear that the Merhog, and Tails are gone.


“loltyler1 destroys Mega Zombie’s supplies while he is asleep.” LATA tyler1C (twitch emote)

damn, that’s Green Yoshi this time :frowning: hope’s in you, Blue Yoshi


Plz not red


How does minirinea stalker flanker zombie he is invisible


Gigantosaurus looses his line of sight lol he is like taller then all of the trees


Night 3

Day 4

Hallucination Event

The Fallen


“Loltyler1 picks flowers.” This is not what alpha male does, facepalm.


aww. Flanker was brutal tho.
I am now barracking for Sprinter


Night 4

The Feast

Day 5

The Fallen

Sour Cream probably doesn’t like raw meat, Of course, no one does.


Rip Yoshi gang.

“Bonnet scares Loltyler1 off.” BETA


when is the next listing of tributes?


After this game is over.

Night 5

Day 6

No Fallen Tributes.

Night 6

Day 7

The Fallen of Day 7

Only 3 left, make votes now

  • Exotic Butters
  • Loltyler1
  • Bonnet

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