Hunger Games


I saw some other sonic characters joining. :]

Oh and for his death screen just use this:


Before you start, use this for loltyler1 (the character I’ve put here) death screen:

hehe xd #freetyler1


Don’t Worry the FNAF Spam will be dead before you know it. :slight_smile:

Moleman Machete

Use for his Death Screen


If you don’t want to incloude all my characters, at least add funtime foxy.


Ark Giganotosaurus

Use this for deathscreen


Monty Python’s God



Use it for her death screen


But that death screen in an apple


Because it contains fruits


How much characters we need to start?


6 more.





Colored Baby Birb

By the way - Creepkillpop’s “Tank zombie” is actually called a Mega Zombie :smiley:


Green Yoshi

Red Yoshi

Blue Yoshi


Cheers but you will have to wait until I get back to get the simulation started.


Badass Nurse


Next Time, Do not use Wikia Images. You might not be able to see some of these contestants images.



Day 1

The Fallen

Cornucopia is dead, No food for the rest of the Tributes!


Greek, you leech, died in first day DDD: Go tyler, my alpha beast hehe xd


One fnaf cancer thing gone like 20 more to go