[Humble Bundle Sale] Humble "Stand with Ukraine Bundle"

120 pieces of content worth over $2,500 (min $40)

So–recycling this thread since the other one that was listed here ended today, and this is similar enough–Humble Bundle has a sale going on for a bundle of 123 items if you pay $40 or more. Like with the other bundle that was in this post, they’re not all games, some are assets, comics, and licenses to software. It costs more than the other one and has less content overall, but the content here is probably a bit more dense. It has things like Kerbal Space Program, Satisfactory, Starbound, Back 4 Blood, the Spyro trilogy, SUPERHOT, and Supraland, which is some game where you’re really tiny that I played the demo for a while back and thought was neat. It ends on March 25th, 2022.

Unlike the itch.io bundle, most of the games in this one can be redeemed on Steam (as far as I could tell from clicking through them). idk how the non-game stuff in handled.

And if you have a preference, you can adjust how much of the money you pay goes to which organization/group. You can do this by choosing “Adjust Donation” under the checkout button. By default it is set to an equal 25/25/25/25 split.


Old, expired itch.io bundle sale

Buy 992 items for $10 Regularly ~$6,552 Save 99%!

In case anyone is interested, itch.io has a bundle going to raise money for charity/Ukraine. It’s 992 items for a minimum of $10, but you can pay more if you want to show more support. I can’t vouch for the quality of all 992 items in the bundle, but things that had pretty decent followings like Celeste, SUPERHOT, Baba Is You, and SkateBIRD (which was in that one Nintendo Indie World Showcase) are in it, which may make it worth your $10. There’s also a bunch of non-game stuff like books, asset packs (fonts, art, materials), a few soundtracks, and uhh some “tools” like a thing that makes sounds as you type.

Keep in mind however, downloads will only be available from itch.io, so no Steam keys unfortunately. Or maybe fortunately, that sounds like a lot of keys to have to activate.

Here’s the link if anyone’s interested:
Bundle for Ukraine by Necrosoft Games and 736 others - itch.io