Howdy y'all <3

Hi there, I’m Klem. I’ve been playing Tower since August 2020, and I’ve perused these forums a few times looking at various guides, etc., especially for sizing different kinds of canvas content for my various condos, but I finally decided to make an account and participate a bit after all this time.

Some of you may recognize me as I’ve been a regular at various points over the last 2 and a half years, or you may not because sometimes I’m not so consistent and I’ve also gone by many different names (lucid, Just Peachy, various roleplay names), but regardless, I have such an endless love for this game and I’ll always be so proud of how lovely this community and game are. Thanks to Pixeltail and all of you for making it such a distinct experience. It’s everything I could want in not only a game, but an online social experience. I’ve put countless friends onto this game, met many new friends, and we’ve made so many memories over the last couple years. I hope to make many more in the future :purple_heart:

Also extra shoutout to Pixeltail because the entire reason I got into this game was due to Gmod Cinema being a lil pastime for my friends, so when it started to become difficult to use (with the different Gmod branches and the various patches for CEF becoming necessary and too much extra to have to do for every friend that wanted to simply join in on the fun every once in a while), this game was the perfect replacement and so, so much more.


Welcome to the forums!
I believe I have heard and seen you in the plaza on a fair few occassions, primarily in the Arcade I believe~


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