How you describe pixel tail online community?

From the age community to how people are like.

Extremely opinionated but also fervent in their support.

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Isn’t…that basically what a community its? Opinionated people discussing various things about ONE specific topic?


Not particularly. Some are more than others. Some are also more aggressive and defense, while others are more peaceful and objective.

Can’t black-and-white a community.

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You guys all seem young, but none of you are dicks :stuck_out_tongue:

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In past i play imvu.I didn’t like IMVU much because people are stuck up and rude.You guys seem like very young community.I love to hear about your experience on Gmod tower.

IKR, on most forums you have an erratic 12 year old.

I like how everyone here is mature, and how we all help each other answer questions. Peaceful, IMO.



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I’ve only had one run in with someone who was a bit rude, but they apologised so all’s good.

Who? :smiley: (If you don’t mind me asking)

Me. But got it all figured out.

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k :3

I was just shitting with you, it wasn’t me. “Or was I?” spooky scary skeletons

I’d rather not name or shame, but I can assure you it wasn’t @Sabrina :gift_heart: