How to stop macros

So, this idea was by @Advanst!!

Essentially, every [x] hours/minutes/seconds, display a prompt that requires the user to press a random key (A-Z, or whatever). I would assume the prompt would be similar the AFK screen, having a timeout and all. Upon pressing the input, allow the user to return to playing. Otherwise, if the input isn’t sent within the given time, kick the user off the machine.


Or just see if the time between key inputs are repeating themselves over and over again, then after 10 seconds or so kick the player of the machine

That could cause some false positives though. Very rare, but it could.


That’s not effective enough. You still can change the time randomly, whenever they should press or not.

Hmm, yeah you’re right. I like your system but I guess its gonna be annoying for the people who play slots for hours on end

I would personally appreciate macro users not hogging up machines 24/7 even if it meant having to press a single key every 10 or so minutes.

I think you can read minds, because that was literally my suggestion to the team, only mine was if the button was incorrect, it would keep shuffling the key that you had to press (just so if you hit the wrong one on accident you wouldn’t be punished for it).

We’re still working on a solution for this issue however.


As long as it doesn’t pop every 5 minutes minutes, I’m ok with that. Every 15 minutes, maybe?

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I would personally make it so that it sounds to them like some good shit is happening, but in reality they’re losing all of their money. Like on blackjack it would make winning sounds frequently, but actually always start you over 21.