How to play

hello guys just reached here could someone explain me how to play the minigolf game?

In the main menu, look at the bottom of the screen. Then, click on Minigolf. Click on Servers and click on a server. Finally, click join.

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dam it @CalculatorSpoon I was going to give him detail of playing the game

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For the actual controls of the game, place your mouse in the direction you want to putt (place it closer to the ball for less power, and further from the ball for more power), and then click left mouse to putt. To move your camera so you can see where you’re putting, hold down right mouse and move your mouse, and let go once you’re done moving. If you want to zoom in or zoom out, scroll up or scroll down.


@CarbonCopyCat Foiled again

Literally as just as I was about to post it

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Do you have to buy tower unite first? Yes right? That is what i actually mean thanks btw

Umm… yeah you have to buy the game to play the game.


That’s like asking if you can play GTA online without buying GTA V…

No worries though! I’m sure you were just confused! :wink:


You do need Tower Unite to play Minigolf in Tower Unite. You can get it here: