How to play any media you want, in your own limitless server

So checking tutorials, I’ve realized that Tower Unite allowed webm on media players.
Sure, you can open a Dropbox, or whatever, but movie night with your pals wont do if the storage limit is 2GB, and we are not going to pay for an upgrade, right?

So I’ve tested doing a custom server, hosting webms there, and it worked.

Keep in mind this tutorial is for Windows. If anyone can do a Linux version I will gladly edit my post.

First, we are going to install Xampp, so what we’re gonna do is go to their website and download the lastest version (should be the third).

You can just keep clicking next, that version shouldn’t have any extra toolbars or stuff you dont want.

Right, so we installed Xampp. We are going to create a folder anywhere. I would recommend a hard drive with enough space. If you have a data one, just use that one.

Now we are going to run the application. you can either open it through Windows Start Menu, or run xampp-control.exe in the location you’ve chosen before (by default it’s C:\xampp).

The control panel will appear, and we want to configure some stuff first, don’t worry, this won’t be a lot.

We’ll have some modules, but we need the Apache one. We click config, on the Apache module line, and open Apache (httpd.conf).

We are going to search for the word DocumentRoot, and you will see that something like this will appear by default (Again, keep in mind that C:/xampp can change to whatever your installation was):

DocumentRoot "C:/xampp/htdocs"
<Directory "C:/xampp/htdocs">

Then we are going to change C:/xampp/htdocs to whatever your previously created folder location is.

Since this is a server, you are going to need an index page. Just create a file called index.php, and write anything there, like “Hello friend :)” or whatever. In a future this paragraph will change with the php code to list your webms, for ease of use.

Then, you are going to move your webm to the previously created folder, but keep in mind that no spaces are allowed in the file name, you must change or remove them.

Once this is done, we can run Apache, so back to Xampp control panel, on the apache module line, click start.

If everything is working, if you type into your browser localhost/whateveryourwebmnameis.webm, you will see your webm. After that, you can copy this into any media of your chosing in a condo, and it will play the webm.

Good, we managed to see ourselves the webms. Now, onto the fun part, sharing is caring. We are going to need No-ip DUC.

If you already have a No-ip account, you can skip this, otherwise, go to their sign up page, and set up your account, and a host name while you are at it.

If you already had an account, just create a host name if you don’t have one, or the ones you have are not the ones you are going to use. Theres a big button for this, and I can’t paste images to post a tutorial.

With our No-ip account already created, we are going to download the DUC application, going to their downloads website, and click Download Now.

Agree to the terms, choose your location if default doesn’t suit you, click install. After that is done, you will have two check boxes, Launch DUC and Run DUC as a System Service in the background. I’m quite specific with the services I have, so I’ve disabled the service check box. The Launch DUC one is up to you.

If we didn’t have DUC already open, run it. Just search for DUC on Windows Start menu, and click it.

After it opens, it will ask for your No-ip account credentials. Type them and click Sign In.

After login, we are going to click the Edit Hosts button, and select our previously created host name, then click Save.

After that, we wait for all three checks to be green, and we are almost good to go.

Then, we are going to open port 80, for HTTP requests. Sadly, this is a point that you are going to Google yourself, as every router might vary and this post could be infinite if I wrote a tutorial for each of them.

(I am not sure if this step is needed, try to skip it and let me know) With our port 80 open, and No-ip running, we are going to stop the Apache module, then start it again.

After this, you can go to yourhostname/whateveryourwebmnameis.webm, and you will see your webm. Now paste that into condos, and friends will be able to see your webms.

If you want to run the apps again, just run no-ip, as it shouldn’t ask for password again, then Xampp control panel, and inside of it, Apache.