How to open .pak files?

I want to open the tower unite BR demo 2/Steam Alpha’s WindowsNoEditor file to see if there is any content hidden in that file, but i don’t want to download anything from any seedy websites if i can. Even if its just a bunch of files I can’t open, Test maps, or it is full of Scrapped Content, i don’t care…
ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ I WANNA SEE INSIDE THE PAK! ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

I’ve heard 7zip works pretty well.

Tried extracting on 7zip, didn’t work.

Can the pack be opened using Unreal?

i might try that. too lazy to install UE4.

It’s possible to do , but 0/10 would not recommend. Impossible to open the files inside, since it doesn’t pack files necessary for opening the project in the editor (mostly .dlls and stuff), and it doesn’t pack the original files either, so the only thing you can see is names.


I’ll save you the trouble Tanooki_Jon. Here’s the list.

Tower Unite (

As stated before, because I have tried it myself, it is pretty much impossible to actually manipulate the files within (it’s come to my attention that some Model Viewers exist for Unreal Engine 4 .Pak Files…but I was unable to get any of them working personally…

Zak has stated however that the team may be moving away from the .pak format, to save on people’s bandwidth downloading updates, since the current model requires people to re-download the entire .pak all over again when there is a new update.

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Thank you all for saving me the trouble!
Here is a Gift from matt’s youtube!




I extracted the files using umodel but it wont render it properly so I installed a UE4 import/explort plugin on blender to see, and render the files.
As for veiwing the sound files just by clicking import audio in Audacity works 99% of the time.
As for coding and random junk like that… WHYAWLNLRWNKW…
(some textures can be opened in blender too)

umodel seems to work fine for me.

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<img src=>


That’s cute as f… but what’s up with those french fry legs?

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Looks more like spring roll legs to me.

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Woo my advice helped for once!