How to make custom maps?

Im pretty sure Iv seen Cinema maps with props in them. A few days ago, I made a save of the default Cinema map, and enter it in Sandbox. Added some citizens, signs and vip doors. After that, I entered it in Cinema mode… but all the props were gone. Anyone knows how to do this?

It doesn’t exactly work in the way you’re thinking-- the maps you saw were probably modified BSP’s, or maps, created in Hammer. Save games aren’t the same as BSP.

Pretty much what Matt said. Savegames and .bsp files are two completely different things. If you want to make changes to the map, you have to edit the map using Hammer Editor. And this is of course, easier said than done. Because the .bsp file itself can’t be edited. It’s the finished map, no changes can be made to it anymore. You need the .vmf file of it. And to obtain it, you have to decompile the .bsp file using a decompiling program, and that decompiled map does not return accurate results. If you want an accurate map, then you have to ask the creator of the map to give it to you, and if he won’t, well then crap.

To add to this if you’re running ULX Mod you can force spawn in NPC’s/Props etc by spawning the entities in, as long as the server doesn’t restart they’ll function as normal.