How to make Condo lighting not creepy?


I’m trying to set up an arcade in my Ice Moon condo. Most of my previous experience in condo making has either been outdoors or in a premade setting so I don’t really need to worry about lighting that much.

I’m having a lot of trouble lighting this room without making it look like a creepy killer basement. Any tips?

Right click the lights to edit them, you can adjust brightness and radius in the edit menu. Doing this will also likely reduce the amount of lights being used.

It took me quite awhile to find the right settings for my condo, you’ll have to tweak them a lot before you find something suitable.

Also, maybe round lights would work better in a room like this, unless you prefer the look of those ceiling lights of course.

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I’ve been toying with these lights for a little while now.

it just seems like setting the brightness to anything above 1 makes them WAY too bright.

as for the radius, if a light is too close to the wall it pretty much just white blasts it with a large radius.

Having trouble balancing these two things :frowning:

Yeah lighting up a large room like this is pretty annoying, I wish there were lights more suitable for this you could just buy; round lights are good for big rooms like this, while the ones your using are better for hallways imo.

I only started custom condo building a month ago or so, so I’m just an amateur myself, sorry if I wasn’t all that helpful.

Oh no, it’s okay. I appreciate any reply, especially one that fast.

The problem I’ve been having with round lights is that the light doesn’t really “bounce” at all. Like it only lights up the floor and the ceiling remains pitch black.

I guess it’s just something I’ve gotta work at and get a feel for.

Actually, this is the round light I was thinking of:

These light up the ceiling pretty well, as well as the floor.

After trying them, yeah these definitely seem like they perform better than any other light I’ve tried.

Still feels a bit weird for me, but absolutely 100% an improvement. I’ll tinker with it, thank you :smiley:

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Don’t really have experience lighting up really large areas like this so not all of these may help, but here’s a few tips from my experience with smaller spaces:

  • Don’t just use visible light fixtures, add in things like the invisible placeable spot or point lights to light up any areas that don’t get covered as well (like corners or ceilings). It might also be a good idea to add spot lights to highlight areas of detail (like signs) to increase legibility, since lighting in custom builds tends to be on the dimmer side.

  • Try messing with the IES settings on the lights to see what works best (including on the hidden lights). It lets you have much greater control over the lighting direction/shape, and can make the lighting a lot brighter in some cases.

  • Pure white lights tend to look sterile and unnatural, try giving them a slight tint (maybe slightly blue/purple depending on the arcade look you’re going for?)

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I ended up making the room substantially smaller and used those round lights tinted slightly purple. If I need more room I think I’ll just connect several small rooms instead.