How to (In my opinion) Improve Ball Race

I Have one small, and probably done to death idea, and a large idea that has probably not been stated before.

First up, make a Practice mode, where you can pick any level from any map and try to practice skips and whatnot. All melons could have a translucent appearance, to try and emphasise the fact they won’t give anything.

And the other idea: Make a timer mode. Basically, every level of every map has three times, A gold time, A silver time, and a bronze time. the amount of units you recieve depends on what time you get. Dying doesn’t reduce the amount of units you get, as dying almost guarantees not getting the best time possible.

The worth of melons could scale depending on what time you got, which would also add a way of making melons a thing that could be used in singleplayer. I personally think this is a good idea, but what do you guys think?

Best suggestion ever posted on the forums :blush:

all the others are not so much


i dont know

I wish Pixeltail implements this. This would be perfect for Ball Race.

I love the Timer Mode idea. That’d make it really feel like a proper race, as the name would imply. Better payouts for better performance? Count me in.

The timer mode is really interesting. This would mean instead of just a single winner per race, anyone and everyone could get first if they get the gold time. I can get behind this.

This could also fix the problem of “Oh I didn’t get first, time to waste everyones time by grabbing all the melons”.


Practice mode is a wonderful idea. Not just for ball race, but for Minigolf as well.

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ah yeah, of course, minigolf would greatly benefit from this as well. i rarely play minigolf anymore so i forgot lol