How to improve the AFK checker the casino

A friend of mine (who I dislike for doing so) uses a space spammer, how he gets around the timer is setting a alarm for 15 ish minutes later, when it goes off he paused the macro. My suggestion to combat this is the following: a system that detects if you are pressing space at extreme speeds and boots you, the checker timer is randomized between 10-20 minutes. That means after 10 minutes there would be a ten minute time of when it could randomly go off. This would cause people who use the macro to have to pause a lot more and for a lot longer, hopefully decreasing their popularity.

I will agree with Derak that these changes and the current system we already have can easily be overcome with a little bit of smart thinking and programming.

Although i do wanna point out that it doesn’t seem like the average joe ever bothers with looking up the information required to get past these afk checkers when they wanna do things like using macros in the casino.

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I think the bigger thing to note is that once we get shared jackpots, it won’t matter. Someone can macro all they want, they won’t be hogging massive jackpots all to themselves. This change also means there’s less incentive to macro since you’re much less likely to actually get a big jackpot for yourself.