How to import from sketchfab?

I’ve seen some people use models from there before but every time I try to import one I get a missing texture error; even tried using the sketchfab blender importer and exporting it myself.

The textures have to be image textures (jpgs and pngs work, and another file type I think but I’m not sure)

When you’re importing from Sketchfab (or any other source, really), you should always import it into Blender first to make sure everything works properly (and nothing extraneous is in the file).
If you’re using Blender 2.8+, make sure material type is set to Principled BDSF, and that it uses an image texture (.png, .jpg, or .tga); material color doesn’t work.
If exporting as .dae (which is the only format I’ve gotten things to work in, but YMMV), also try unchecking “Copy” under the material options in the export menu.

That doesn’t seem to work unfortunately. I can’t even get a log because TU crashes when I get a missing texture error.

I have also made sure the texture paths in the .dae were correct and existed in the same folder.

That’s just because of a workshop-related bug (affecting items/vehicles) that causes crashes on import. Should be fixed in the new update though.

Adding on to this, the update just came out

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I can upload again! YAY! Used .dae just now: