How to get the answers to the questions

I can’t see the question’s answers in open trivia db, how can i see the answers of the verified questions ?!

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Answers aren’t on the website in the interests of avoiding cheating on the Tower Unite Trivia.

The only way to retrieve answers is via the API.


it shows me the page that way, is that the true form of the answers ?, also how can i get the answer of a specific question by it’s number for example

page shows :

The API is meant for developers not to be just accessed by a random user.

It’s JSON formatted and text is encoded for clean transport.

You can’t get an answer of a specific question.


okay, i was able to decode it but 1 question, only a number of 50 questions can be recieved during call, if i for example recieve 50 questions in the medium section at entertainment video game section, but there’s more than 50 questions in that section, how can i recieve the following 50 questions ?

and Thanks for answering.

The questions returned are randomly selected every API call.

For a database which calls itself “open”, that is just silly. The API may be open, but so long as this is the case, the database is clearly not. I don’t know the game, so I’ll have to make an assumption as to how much it’s worth:

  • If the in-game trivia quiz is just for fun, then cheaters just ruin their own fun.

  • If the in-game quiz is worth something like virtual currency, and therefore saves a cheater money by not having to buy or earn the virtual currency, then they will just brute-force the API until they have the answer they need (and cache the rest for later).

For an attempt at creating an open database of something (which I really like!), this really hampers it.

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The open in the name refers to the fact that it’s an open-source API.

I see no source code, nor an open data set. I do not call that an open database in any sense of the word.

But I realized that by using a session token, one can actually enumerate the database easily: (At first I thought that one would have to keep requesting random questions until your unique count matches the one mentioned on the website, but using a token fixes that.)

Still missing is a version number for the whole set and an API call to get updates. If the developers want to, I’ll implement it for them in their code (it’s PHP, right?), provided that my modifications are under a FOSS license (the rest of their code can stay proprietary).

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Several devs have already made games using the code.

Using the API*.

Facebook has an open API but I doubt you’d call Facebook’s database an open database…

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The database is called Open in the sense that anyone is allowed to use it for their own purposes. The source code is not open source.

We welcome anyone who wants to use the API for themselves to use it, but we don’t have any plans to expand the functionality of the API beyond what is needed for our game.

That’s just stupid, though.

Why create something called Open Trivia Database only to strip down on so many features because they are not needed for your game? Should’ve just made it a private internal api in that case. is the first Google result when searching for “trivia api” and it’s saddening to see you refuse to add more functionality. People can cheat in TU trivia anyway, your current api design doesn’t prevent that.

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