How to change your FOV in TU over the limit

If you didnt know the limit of the fov in TU is 120. There is a way to make it go over that.
Here are the steps.
Step 1: Go to your files and find your Game.ini folder, which is located at Local disk/Users/yourusernamehere/AppData/Local/Tower/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor/Game.ini.
Step 2: Open Game.ini with Notepad.
Step 3: Find FOV and change the number to what you want it to be.
Step 4: All done!

Photo comparison
120 FOV

150 FOV

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Tip to make finding the file easier:
You actually don’t need to enter the full path, just type the following.

It will direct to your Roaming folder inside AppData, but putting in the … will redirect to the parent dir.


Thanks! I had problems finding the file.

i got reminded of this