How tf do christmas lights work lol

i been fiddling around for about 2 hours and idk if they’re bugged or if I have a peanut sized brain but this shits impossible. I place the light strip down and it no clips across my condo to outside. idk how to control the other end. ty

To edit the other end, you right click the item and hit “Edit”. There should be a section called “Target” that sets where the other end goes to. If you don’t want to fiddle with that, you can also equip the Targeter, right click the item, then left click where you want it to go to. It’s a lil wack, so you might need mess around with it to get it at a spot it looks good.


To answer the title question: They don’t. Or at least, they hardly do lol

They’re super finicky and feel kinda unfinished right now.