How much did you pay for the Indiegogo campaign?

How much have you or going to pay for the new campaign? I payed 10$ for Early Access! Also, I would just like to thank Pixeltail Games for making this possible. Even though the game is not finished, the new trailer looks amazing. The goal is only 50k, while the last campaign was 100k. I can tell that this HAS to work since we got over 60k last campaign, with out Paypal! C’mon guys, lets make this game happen!

Throwing in 90$. Everything I currently have saved. My family says I’m a reckless spender.

Im a reckless spender. That the reason I only have 10$ XD. Im going to try to save up for another copy for my friend. He never gets to play Gmt because he doesnt have Counter Strike: Source.

Here is another option:

30 Dollars so far but that could change!

$30 ^.^

$75 burgerbucks. I wanted a brick

$30, but i’m planning on donating more… if I can afford it >.>

Last time I donated $20 to the kickstarter campaign, but I’ve upped that to $30 this time :smile:. But (for now at least), it is all I can afford

I’d pay 75$, maybe even 90$, if I could afford that :stuck_out_tongue:, or if I could back anything at all.

Paid $90 but i wish i can pay $500 then i really need to save money for my future :pensive:

“Pics or didn’t happen”

raised by 387 people in 18 hours
28%30 days left
$50,000 USD goal

There is a high chance of the campaign being fully funded, keep it up! :smile_cat:

$200, too bad new users can’t put images in posts.


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28$, copy for a friend :wink:

Was going to go for $90, but I had to hit those triple digits.


15$, but picked Early Bird

$75, Can’t wait have my name etched into a piece of gaming history :kissing_smiling_eyes:

I just upped it to 20$. I want those boots so much

P.S.: There’s a free Early Bird now. Let’s see who picks it the first! =P