How Long Walk Through Tower works


I have a few questions, so let’s start easy.

  1. The achievement says STEPS. Does this mean flying around with a jetpack doesn’t count? (i.e its NOT simply distance traveled)
  2. Does character size matter? Logic tells me if it was distance traveled (which it doesn’t seem to be), being larger would be better as you travel faster. However, if it truly is “steps”, then your player model’s size shouldn’t matter.
  3. When I hold W and Shift, I occasionally get tagged as AFK (since I’m holding down the same button). Obviously I just fix this by taking my finger off shift and back on, but I’m curious if this is neccesary. Will my steps still count if I’m marked as AFK?


Progress toward achievements will not occur when marked AFK. Try to just strafe to fix this.

  1. Steps means steps, flying around would defeat the point of the achievement, “Long Walk Through Tower”

  2. I would assume that the game would calculate speed + character size so it can tell how many steps you’re taking

  3. I’m pretty sure looking around takes the AFK tag off of you, so are you walking in a straight line without looking around for upwards of 45+ seconds?


character size matters in the fact that ‘steps’ are broken for smaller characters (just listen to the sound!). make sure you’re as big or bigger than a default model before farming, or you’ll get a very very stunted amount of steps.

jumping helps the afk problem, but your steps should still count when you’re afk? i haven’t tested that though, already got the achievement.


Looking around doesn’t actually remove the AFK tag for some reason. But again, this issue is easily avoidable as other people have said simply by strafing or jumping.


+forward +right (GMod trick to afk farm this) when i was on GMod Tower :wink:
Then i could go afk for days until i get this achievement.


c’mon now, don’t afk to get achievements. long walk might be a pain in the ass to get but if i can do it without leaving my computer than others can too.


To be fair, Long Walk is pretty easy to get just by playing for the 60-ish hours required to get all the plaza milestones anyways. I wouldn’t see any reason to really AFK for that one. The one for sitting in plaza for 7 days however… :stuck_out_tongue:


i got mine in two days! :sunglasses: