How long for milestones?

I’ve recently been spending my time watching anime series in theater and have been slowly building up both my theater bar and plaza bar, overall however I am confused as to how you get XP. I know you can get extra XP from achievements, but other than this is there any way to earn XP faster, especially with theater where I’m doing nothing but watching videos and spamming crouch to stop myself being AFK? Can someone tell me how quickly you earn XP, and what ways there are of speeding up this process?


Plaza xp is pretty much only gained from play time in the different plaza activities, or achievements as you mention. They are meant to be gained over time so not really grinded out all at once but it is up to you if you want to do that.

Theater takes about 80 hours to get max xp for, and the plaza takes about 90-100 hours. There’s been talk about “idle xp” being changed in the future but there’s nothing concrete yet


Alright, so judging by this, I can watch the rest of Dragon Maid, watch the entirety of the Initial D series, watch One Punch Man and then get a good start on Fairy Tail, like 35 hours worth of a good start. And I’ll be repeatedly crouching the entire time. This is going to be fun.