How is your day at the LA county fair/ fairplex?

People who didn’t go there… well shame on you.

What if I don’t want to spend excess amounts of money on travel?

The last time I had gone was 2014, and that was with a friend.

It was…decent. The rides always seemed sketchy to me, the animals they had around just looked sad, hot and tired. Tons of whiny little kids running into things and falling on their bums. The animals at the petting zoo smelled like asssss.

The only highlight I can think of is when we went into the like…“convention center” where everyone is trying to sell you their hot new invention. I think some guy tried to sell me a shamwow rip off. Oh, and like 50,000 hot tub venders for some reason.

Saw a turtle. All in all, I’d give it a good time / 10.

Edit: I got a cup last time…for a 7 Dollar Coke.