How far is the open to community and others allowed to change stuff in condo's option?

I know I can keep track of the trello card but I would love to hear I bit more about this completely awesome feature, if someone knows more about this and has permission to share some inside info about the progress that would make my day :smiley:

Just a practical example is the Resort, I would love to give a certain group of friends permission and permanent access to this place as it’s way to big for me alone (12 apartments for one dude, I am not that materialistic :joy:)

Do you mean the Community condos? if so

well we don’t know everything yet, but, in this post, mac said somethings about it

Yes, this is what I meant. I read this too but forgot where, thanks. The answer I actually hope for (like a lot of people do reading the thread) is if there was some kind of date settled already.

But I did read macdguy wanted to fishing up and running first and then look more into this, as the fishing is up and running I see community condo’s coming closer and closer. :smiley:

There are never any estimated dates for any of the updates since things can change so often.

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