How exactly are condo snapshots saved on-disk?

I was looking through my pc and found a backup of a bunch of condo saves from 2016-2018, but the saves were stored in a separate folder from the main condo saves, causing some issues. Here’s I know so far:

  • Snapshots are stored as a folder containing a “CondoData” file in the condo subfolder of the main condo save directory (e.g. [save directory]/House/[Snapshot Name]/Condodata)

  • A manually created folder containing a “CondoData” file in the save directory isn’t detected as a snapshot in-game

  • Manually deleting a snapshot folder that was made in-game doesn’t delete the in-game snapshot, just causes the condo to load in blank

  • Replacing the CondoData file in either the base condo folder or in a snapshot subfolder with a backed up condo save works fine

I’m guessing there’s some sort of cache file located outside the condo save directory that’s responsible for listing what snapshots exist in-game (instead of the game just checking for subfolders), but I haven’t found anything of the sort, so let me know if you’ve already figured this out. I could always just make 30-or-so snapshots in-game and then swap out the condo saves for backups, but I’m lazy and also curious.